Editing FAQs

  1. What do you edit? I edit and proofread reports, essays, articles, books, short stories, websites, CVs, theses, dissertations, letters, presentations, brochures, newsletters, advertising copy, and more. If you’re not sure whether I’ll edit something, please contact me via email or phone. Most documents I receive are in Microsoft Word format, where I use the “Track Changes” feature for transparency. Other options are possible.
  2. How important are spelling and grammar? Proper spelling and grammar testify not only to the writer’s command of the language, but also to their professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for their clients, associates, and readers. This is reinforced by other virtues of effective prose, such as clarity, consistency, an appropriate tone, and an engaging style. Mistakes happen to everyone, but readers do notice them and judge your work accordingly. Your reputation depends in part on the quality of your communication. During my time as a Human Resources Associate, I noticed that most CVs have typos and this was a contributing factor in whether or not the candidate received a call back from the employer. Clear, error-free writing makes a positive, lasting impression, whereas careless writing is quickly dismissed or remembered for all the wrong reasons.
  3. How much do you charge and how do I pay? Pricing varies based on the text, since every project is different. I can offer a quote after reviewing your text (or an excerpt plus word count). Payment is done by PayPal or check. I ask for payment or partial payment in advance, but arrangements can be more flexible with regular clients. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.
  4. Can’t I just edit and proofread my own material? Yes, but it is very likely that you will miss what an experienced proofreader would notice. When editing your own text, you cannot attain full or satisfactory perspective. In addition, automated grammar and spell check programs are notoriously unreliable and are no substitute for the trained eye.
  5. I have another question, but I cannot think of it at the moment. I would love to hear it! Be sure to contact me when you remember 🙂