Proofreading Experience

I specialize in the English language from basic error correction to full copy-editing. If you ever feel unsure about commas, capitalization, clauses, or desire your syntax to be more concise, I can help. As part of my proofreading services, I will:

•  remove typos
•  fix misspellings
•  ensure proper punctuation
•  correct grammatical mistakes
•  assess word choice
•  enhance layout
•  rearrange awkward syntax
•  tackle jargon and abstraction
•  ensure consistent style and formatting
•  remove ambiguity and vagueness
•  eliminate excess verbage.

Academic proofreading and writing is the cornerstone of my business. I specialize in the following areas:

literature studies – theology and religion – communication and media studies – cultural studies –philosophy and ethics – education and study skills – environment and development –psychology and counseling – race, ethnicity and area studies – gender studies and queer theory – women’s studies – history – sociology and social theory – linguistics – urban planning and development

My past professional experience has been with influential organizations such as the Nation Institute where I worked as an intern at Nation Books (a leading independent publisher of non-fiction books in America). I was a lead bookseller at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Union Square, where I was in charge of ordering titles and organizing author readings. Shortly thereafter I worked as an assistant at Macmillan Publishers. I have also been published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans (1996 edition). My master’s thesis entitled, Making Sense of the Ordinary through the Fantastical: Fairy Tales and Biblical Narratives as a Child’s Guide to Life’s Best and Worst Truths, was included in the Boston Theological Institute’s student collection. As a master of arts student, I had the opportunity to study within a wide breadth of topics and gained a reputation for being a fastidious proofreader of academic writings and publications of my colleagues.

3 thoughts on “Proofreading Experience

    • Margaret Frausto says:

      I like all that you include in proofreading. I have to write a paper within the next month about my vision of God. Is this a topic that you can help me with?


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