Mexico City

While walking down any street in Mexico City, you’ll find an array of charming restaurants and cafes, boutiques featuring the work of local artisans, and souvenir shops that house Aztec-inspired jewelry and home decor made out of precious stones such as jade, obsidian, and lapis lazuli. The exchange rate for the United States has never been better, so now is the time to buy (20 pesos to 1 dollar) some of these special items! On our first day in Mexico City, we strolled through the Polanco, Condesa, and Roma neighborhoods to eat, window shop, and experience some of the best parts of the city. Mexico City can be overwhelming due to its size, but you can find some incredibly charming places in any part of it. Below are some of my favorite finds during our first day.

Onora outside_Fotor.jpg

Onora is a lovely home decor shop in the trendy Polanco neighborhood. They feature traditional Mexican table decor, textiles, fashion accessories, and home decorations.

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Just outside of Mexico City near the pyramids of Teotihuacan, there are numerous stores where you can purchase high-quality souvenirs that also hold meaning within Mexican culture and history.

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I fell in love with this pineapple vase immediately! It is made out of pure silver and would shine so beautifully on any bar cart or coffee table. But sadly, even with the conversion rate considered…this pineapple stayed on the store shelf instead of going straight into my suitcase.

Stone masks_Fotor.jpg

The ancient gods were extremely important to the Aztecs of nearby Teotihuacan. The mountains surrounding the archaeological site have been mined for precious stones like obsidian, onyx, lapis lazuli, and jade for centuries. Craftsman use similar tools and methods to design the above art pieces. We were lucky enough to watch some of the process firsthand during our tour.

Dia de los muertos_Fotor.jpg

Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout the country on October 31st each year. The holiday can be traced to the Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl. These figures above are called La Calavera Catrina (The Elegant Skull) and are supposed to be parodies of Mexican upper-class women of the early 20th century. They can be used as decorative items in the home.

Restaurant cafe_Fotor.jpg

This warm and welcoming space is Cosecha Natural in the Polanco neighborhood. They specialize in healthy natural foods at reasonable prices.


Pastries or Mexican Sweet Breads are synonymous with life in Mexico. You can hardly make it through the day without indulging in a sugary treat. Some prefer a pastry at breakfast with coffee, while others wait until the 3 o’clock meal or snack. This guide will help you orient through the assortment of offerings at the panadería during your visit.

We did a bit of research before heading down to Mexico City and stuck fairly close to our itinerary of restaurants and shops we wanted to visit. However, it was nice to come across some places by happy accident. Now back to more shopping, eating, and exploring…happy almost end of 2016!

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