What to Read When Traveling


Travel season is upon us and that means it’s time to charge your Kindle, download the app Audible, or head to the airport bookstore for some new books to read. Whether you are an avid reader who is constantly up to date with the New York Times bestseller list or you usually only read at the beach, I guarantee that you’ll love at least one of these book suggestions. If you enjoy travel writing, pick up The Geography of Bliss, Atlas Obscura, The Sun Also Rises, or Our Man in Havana. You could also pick up Billy Bryson’s Shakespeare: The World as Stage if you want to read a book from, in my opinion, the best travel writer there is and feel like you’re taking a trip through Elizabethan London. If you like the genre of science fiction, check out Arrival (which is currently a movie out in most theatres). This book is incredible and thought provoking. It would also make for great conversation during Christmas dinner. If you are taking a short drive for the holidays and just need something to read while drinking egg nog by the fire, read David Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice for a collection of short stories. No one writes like Sedaris and you may need an extra giggle or two to make it through New Years. Lastly, these two award winners are on my “must read” list: The Turner House and Becoming Nicole. I have not read either, but am looking forward to grabbing them at my next trip to the bookstore. The Turner House is a fiction novel from first-time author Angela Flournoy. It takes place in Detroit and is about the light and dark sides of family relationships. Becoming Nicole is a non-fiction story about transformation and acceptance. This book has already stirred up a lot of discussion and I am predicting that it will be on a lot of readers’ lists.

I’ll be using planes, trains, buses, and automobiles this holiday season so I’m making sure that my book list is ready. I’m also looking to plan a few more trips in the New Year (hint: I might finally see the northern lights in 2017!), so I made sure to pick up some travel books to keep me from getting the post-vacation blues after getting back from Mexico. Best of luck on all of your travels and as usual, happy reading! I’d love to know in the comments what you’re planning to read over Christmas break.

*Each of these books is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and most local bookstores and libraries. Those that are newer releases are not yet available at the public library. 

One thought on “What to Read When Traveling

  1. Margaret Frausto says:

    This is a good variety of types of books you list. I will use my Kindle and see what I find available. Happy Holidays and have a great time in Mexico! There are a lot of things to see there and maybe you will feature your experiences in the next Paper Marina.


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