Pumpkins, cider, and pickled veggies…yum! 

Making cider.jpg

Blake Farms is busting at the seams on weekends, yet they are kind and willing to show customers the behind-the-scenes process of making cider. The gentleman pictured was pressing about 1 ton of apples before sending them off to become the delicious cider being bottled in this photo. I felt like one of the kids watching the whole process unfold. 

Brussel Sprouts.jpg

The produce at Blake Farms was beautifully displayed and added to the warmth and freshness of the farm’s interior. I had no idea that Brussels Sprouts grew on a vine. This trip certainly inspired me to search for more veggie recipes for the fall and winter holidays. 


The benefits of consuming fresh honey are endless! Honey has always been one of my favorite food additives and when it is this fresh it’s very hard to resist!


Detroit is famous for its pickles. Blake’s pickled veggies include asparagus, peppers, classic bread and butter pickles, and more! Dave had to pull me away from the area before I put them all in our shopping cart. 

With just one week until Halloween, we thought it only right to venture into the cornfields of mid-Michigan and find the best pumpkins, (hard) cider, donuts, and veggies. Blake Farms has been on our radar for a long time. Blake’s hard cider is well-known in lower-Michigan and their extensive activities (i.e. orchard, corn maze, zombie paintball) are a huge draw. We began our trip by looking at the cider making process (while taking in the torturously delicious smell of fresh donuts) and checking out the produce and homemade items. We then moved onto the tasting room, which was voted to be one of Esquire’s best bars in 2015. The warm and cozy atmosphere was a perfect place to relax and watch some college football before braving the windy outdoors for pumpkin picking. In order to stay with the day’s theme, we paid the $4 for a muddy hayride out to the pumpkin patch. I had forgotten how much pressure it can be to find THE pumpkin. We scoured the field for about 30 minutes before settling on our winners. Dave felt a connection to a tall, lean pumpkin this year. I stumbled (literally) upon a fat, bright pumpkin which will be perfect for the painting project that I found on Pinterest. I’m anticipating that it will look like something that a preschooler made in art class, but my hidden art skills might make a surprise appearance. Who knows! I hope that you all enjoy carving, painting, eating, drinking, decorating, scary movie watching, and dressing up for Halloween 2016…I know we will 🙂 Cheers to a gorgeous fall!

Dave pumpkin.jpg

Dave searching for a winner before heading back home. We city folk sure did enjoy a little bit of country on our “daycation.” 

One thought on “Pumpkins, cider, and pickled veggies…yum! 

  1. Margaret Frausto says:

    Seeing the pictures of Blake Farms and reading your narrative of the great days of fall that are still upon us, I want to enjoy some of this myself!


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