First Day of Fall

It’s the first day of fall! If you are like me, you have been waiting anxiously to say those words for weeks. After suffering through 90 degree days for months, the idea of putting on jeans and a flannel shirt to go apple picking sound oh so refreshing. Michigan is the perfect state for experiencing fall in all of its beautiful glory! There is so much to see and do┬áno matter where you live in lower Michigan. In the Detroit area, we discovered some lovely places to jog, walk, or bike. The Cranbrook campus in Bloomfield Hills is just a 30-minute drive from downtown Detroit and feels like a world away. There is no cost for entry and the campus is open 7 days a week to visitors. Our favorite place to play and explore is near the greek theatre (located off Lone Pine Rd). There are dirt trails that weave in between the art museum, the school buildings, and the exceptionally beautiful Cranbrook House & Gardens, pictured here. It is an enchanting place and one that is a must-see in the fall. Happy autumn!


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